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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Jobs

For meeting the forecasted needs of nurses by 2016, all out preparations are being made so that present nurse needs are met and also create certified nursing assistant jobs in all the Hospitals and Health Care centers. To provide for the training to the prospective candidates, the stress is in the increase in the seating capacity of the traditional class room schools and online training providing institutions.

Before one considers for becoming a CNA, it is necessary to learn, after becoming a CNA, what one is supposed to do. The following details are worth considering:

The Role & Potential of CNA:

Certified nursing assistant job is a vital link in patient care in Hospitals and healthcare centers. They get certification based on a written test and practical clinical test after achieving the eligibility by completing 75 hours training practical clinical experience by joining traditional class room schools or online service providers. On passing the written as well as the practical test, one gets the necessary certification from the State Health Board of a particular state, where the CNA intends to join the hospital job.

The CNA works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse in the Hospital, who has lot of work to do and needs CNA’s to assist the Registered Nurse. The work of the CNA is carrying out routine health care services provided to the patients admitted in the hospital under his charge, which includes the following:

  • Satisfying the patients’ requirements.
  • Taking care of Feeding and bathing patients as necessary.
  • Supporting patients when they walk and performing exercises.
  • Taking preventive step of periodically changing sides, of bed confined patients likely to get bedsores.
  • Helping Transportation of patients by using wheelchair or stretcher as required.
  • Preparing beds, by change of linen and ensuring that rooms are clean.
  • To prepare patients for successful conduct of procedures and surgery like administration of laxatives, patients hair removal if required.
  • Change of dressings.
  • To monitor, record and report in respect of patients state of health.
  • Helping patients for use of bedpans.
  • Providing Assistance in emergency situation faced by the patient.

Place of Work for CNA:

A certified nursing assistant jobs  are available for working at a nursing facility, hospitals and nursing homes, hospices or home settings as deputed by the employer to work. They can handle all age group patients from infants to elderly patients.

Prequalification for CNA:

Any person having passed 10th Standard Diploma or GED and willing to serve the ailing humanity is eligible to become a CNA after getting 75 hours class room training in a school or online service provider institute approved by the State Health Board of a particular state, where one wants to work. After passing the written as well as a practical examination of Clinical skills one becomes eligible to get necessary certification and job of CNA. The training costs a fee or can be obtained free by accepting the terms of service provider.

Fact File of Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs:

  • The Nursing Jobs are functional round the clock both day and night and on holidays also on 3 shift basis (Morning to afternoon , after noon to Evening & Night), which are allotted in the beginning of month by rotation so that every gets balanced day and night shifts during the month.
  • One should have true passion to serve, one should be well organized to adjust for the odd timings on some days. One should also possess very effective communication skills and prove to be team player while working with other colleagues.
  • US Bureau of Labor Statistics Survey reveal the salary structure of $11.84 per hour. Hospitals are the best pay masters.
  • To become a CNA even if one has no inclination or does not know, what is to be done, the training and online learning makes one perfect with a potential to become a Registered Nurse in due course. Though the job looks difficult, but it is most rewarding.

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