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Certified Nursing Assistant Training

Certified Nursing Assistant Training is the primary requirement for making an entry for making nursing a career. There is great demand of nurses to take up positions in fast expanding health care sector. The CNA training is offered by both Traditional Class Schools and online Schools on payment of their prescribed fee.

It is easy to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The basic requirement is just 10th Standard Diploma or GED to become eligible to be a CNA with interest and passion to help the ailing humanity. One requires to complete 75 hours of class room training from an accredited nursing training school or one can join an online nursing training school to complete the required 75 hours of training.

Besides class room or online training, one is required to get practical clinical experience related to providing care to the patients admitted in the hospital. The online training course requires 4 to 6 weeks to be completed.

The CNA training and the regulations vary from state to state, so before joining a training school, one should contact the State Health Department responsible for certification to find out necessary information of schools and other requirements applicable to the state, where one intends to work.

The CNA online courses are designed in consultation with experienced doctors, nurses and medical assistants, who are hold appointment with the training institute as faculty members. The topics covered in the online CNA training relate to introduction of Pharmacology and calculation practices, medical terminology in use, preliminary basics of nursing and advancements taken place in the field and their application, information about complementary healing trends, clinical observations, practices involved in providing health care to the patients admitted in the hospital.

Provisions of Free CNA Training:

There is provision of free CNA training under specific and restricted conditions. Health care service providers having facilities of long term, nursing homes and few hospitals provide option of free CNA training to candidates selected by them.

The compulsory stipulation is that after receiving the free training the candidate is required to give long term service to the organization. In case is one is looking for such opportunity to make a change of one’s career for moving into medical field, seeking free training is a good choice for considering.

One is required to do the searching on line, where free CNA training is available. After finding one has to make a contact and complete required formalities required by such an organization for free training.

Besides the above there is one more novel way available to get CNA training free. It is at Oklahoma organized by State Department of Health (OSDH) associating with Tulsa Community College and Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. Funds to the tune of $371,000 have been set aside to cover the expenditure of CNA training, by use of which around 1,000 CNA candidates during 2010 can get the training.

The funds available are to be used for providing free of cost training classes, which are sourced from penalties levied by OSDH on nursing homes; found to provide deficiency in delivery of their service to the patients. The option for free training is for Certified Nursing Assistants from these nursing homes to be beneficiaries of such free training. The objective is to improve upon the patient care in these nursing homes, found to be suffering in providing appropriate nursing care to the patients.

Thus the free CNA training shall upgrade the CNA to level 2. There are facilities to provide CNA 3 level training, which for the time being is not free.

The CNA a Vital Link in Health Care:

The CNA has the responsibility of providing basic services to the patients, which because of their diseased condition are not in a position to carry out by themselves i.e. feeding, helping in bath, changing of clothes and give support to the patient in walking if not in a position to walk independently.

The CNA also makes the observation of vital health signs of the patient like pulse rate, temperature, respiration rate, blood pressure and in some cases the input measurement of fluids and output of urine. All the observations made are recorded for reference by the treating doctor. So as to enable to perform all these activities by the CNA theoretical and practical training from the training institute. The practical one gets from virtual laboratories, which are available as a part of online training.

Beginning of Training of CNA:

After participating in 75 hours training either in traditional classes or online classes, the enrolled candidate becomes eligible to appear in the written examination held by the respective State Health Board and also appear in the practical test regarding clinical experience by the candidate. The result of written test and practical test of the passing candidate is made known on the spot.  The CNA now can complete formalities for Registration of the certificate obtained with the State Health Board and can join any Health care service providing hospital or a center.

CNA a Strong Pillar of Health Care:

CNA becomes a very strong Pillar of Health care and an essential member of a health service providing organization, because major of front line jobs are handled by CNA only be it a nursing homes or other care facilities like Hospital and Health centers. The future is very bright for CNA because, there shall be need of 7,00,000; CNA’s  in US during the next few years as forecasted and special drives are being made to train and make available to occupy these numerous jobs in a short span of just 5 to 6 years.

The Certified Nursing Assistant, works under the supervision of licensed Registered Nurse. The benefiting possibility is that after becoming a CNA and obtaining value added job experience, there are wide options of career enhancement by continuing education facilities available in the process learning more and more skills one can complete online nursing degree and become Registered Nurse and move up the career ladder, these are bridging the gap between the present education achievement to the next level, while working on the job.

There can be many reasons for a person to become a CNA, there is an opportunity of making a lot of meaningful changes in the lives of suffering persons coming in contact and are made to learn and experience how better they can live with their limitation due to the disease by the devotion of CNA’s towards them. There is a good opportunity to earn also around $30,000 on an annual basis.

The exact earning of a Certified Nursing Assistant depends upon the location where he or she is posted based on the cost of living index for the area.

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