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CNA Certification Training

CNA certification training is achieved by participating in a program having a duration of 3 to 4 weeks, which can be employer sponsored or by joining adult education programs having a duration of 6 months. The CNA’s  after completing the training are required to appear in a State Health Board written test and experience in practical clinical skills like handling of patient, preparing bed, proper  hand washing practices etc.

Having passed the written test and practical clinical experience test one becomes eligible for getting a certificate from State health Board and be known as Certified Nurse Assistant. Now one is in a position to seek a job in a hospital or health care center. One works under the supervision of a licensed Registered nurse.  As a CNA one remains at the fore front in respect of patient health care and has a very vital role in the daily operation in a hospital. The skills and compassion combined together make the life of a patient comfortable, with a hope and confidence to recover back to normal health.

A certified nursing assistant is known by a number of other names also like nurse’s aides, patient care technicians or home health aides etc. by working very close to the patients a CNA takes care of services with their personal touch, while bathing, putting on the clothes to them, helping them in feeding if assisted feeding is required.  They do measurement of pulse rare, temperature, blood pressure at fixed intervals and record them in patient’s record. They listen to the patients and help keeping their emotions under control. The CNA briefs the registered nurse about the health developments of the patient.

The present day RN’s started their career as a CNA and it is the first step of the career having lot of excitement and challenges to advance further in the career by making use of online learning options, while having practical experience on the job.

CNA Certification Training:

The eligibility requirements are bare minimum one requires a passion to serve the ailing humanity and just high school diploma or GED qualification to make an entry into a great career, which at present is in a very high boom phase, which shall continue till next at least 6 years. During this period one can progress very fast to higher positions.

After a short training of Six to twelve weeks in a traditional school or online, related to anatomy and physiology, nutrition and infection control etc. One can become eligible to appear the written test administered by State Health Board. One is required to have practical clinical training and pass both written test as well as the practical test, which is very easy.

CNA certification training & State Health Board:

After satisfying the State Health Board regulations in respect of training in an approved school and passing the written and practical test one is entitled to get the certification from the State health board and join the job of CNA.

Place of Work & Remuneration:

The CNA are in a position to work in Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and other health care providing facilities. The job prospects are very bright for getting and progressing very fast for a hard working and passionate person. There is an increasing trend specialized care of the aging population, as a result of there is increased need of the services of a CNA to provide care to these individuals.

On an average a CNA can earn an annual salary ranging from $20,000 to $30,000 having the bearing on the experience and place of work.

Considering the statistics of Bureau of Labor, CNA jobs are expected to increase by 28 % by 2016 due to expansion in Psychiatric Care and Home health care sector, because people prefer to have treatment at home instead of hospitals.

Dover Business College:

Dover Business College possesses national accreditation and is a private college having more than 50 years of professional teaching and has successfully helped students in the fields of health care, business and information technology.

Dover Business College provides most of it’s courses both in day and evening sessions. Every campus has its own unique student-centered learning independent set up.

CNA certification training provided at Dover has a special skill oriented touch producing excellent career successes. The Dover educational program stresses on only those subjects, which help in chosen career. Faculty and administration provide personal attention to the student’s success prospects.

Clifton Campus:

The Clifton campus is housed in recently renovated 3 storey building situated in Passaic County. For the help of the students there is a resource center, computer rooms. It has fully functional nursing center, operating room and clinical laboratories.

Diploma course Licensed Practical Nurse:

There is facility of awarding Licensed Practical Nurse course teaching the theoretical nursing as well as practical clinical experience by visit arrangements to Physician’s office, dental clinics, nursing homes, assisted living care centers, rehabilitation centers and emergency rooms. Graduates hold the eligibility to appear in NCLEX-PN examination.

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