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CNA, The Need to Maintain Confidentiality

Events of various nature and confidentiality take place in the field of medical science. Nursing assistants are most often exposed to a lot of such events. Hence, it is vital that the assistants are trained on the crucial importance of maintaining confidentiality in their job.

The procedures of the clinic or the facility they work for are mostly familiar to all the nursing assistants. Though it is good to be aware of such policies and procedures, it is never a good practice to discuss them in public. Some of the examples of such confidential information are details concerning emergency treatment procedures or even an evacuation. Discussing this information outside the facility can have an impact to the safety of the environment and also the inmates.

It is also very important to protect the rights of the patients who are admitted in the facility. This implies that none of the nursing assistants are authorized to speak to others, even to the other staff, about what they know about the patients. In this case, the information must be shared with another staff only if he/she has a keen interest in the specific case. The confidentiality must be maintained properly, or else a lot of questions about a single patient may be pointed to lots of staff members unnecessarily.

Right to privacy is a basic requirement for any patient. Any activity that is done against this should be treated as a violation of the law. Such acts of violation can result in a dismissal or suspension from the job. In some extreme cases, even the degree or certification may be termed invalid.

The nursing assistants should also not disclose details of communicable diseases to anybody else. This may result in a situation where everyone in the facility is panicked over the chances of an approaching epidemic. This also may prompt the patients to leave the hospital without approval from the medical practitioner.

During the occurrence of such a communicable disease, the authorities will make sure that the information is released to the corresponding agencies, officially. Most often the authorities inform the Health Department who eventually helps the facility to propose a remedial action. They may also decide to let the local media know of such diseases so that they can take enough steps to protect themselves and also undergo for medical treatment in case of any symptoms occur.

By rule, all the staff in the medical facility is expected to maintain confidentiality. While nursing assistants are not supposed to make any private information of the patient in public, the same rule applies to any information they have on the private interactions of other staff as well. This could also include any information that other staff exchanges regarding the patient. The price that the staff has to pay for such gossip may be really high in some cases. They may also result in a negative and stressful working environment. The patients also may be ignored because of such stressful environment.

To stay safe, it is vital to know the basics regarding the confidentiality clause that is followed in the medical facility even before you are hired. Also, a nursing assistant must be careful not to make any such acts of violation of confidentiality. They must report such acts to the proper authority.

Always ensure that you share the information with only those who need to know it. Or else, the whole experience can turn out to be humiliating for the staff and also for the patients.

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