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CNA to Restorative Aide Training

CNA to Restorative aide program is a wide ranging course developed for teaching the students techniques and make them capable of providing physical restorative caring to out-patients visiting hospital for consultation and admitted patients undergoing restorative therapy in rehabilitation centers, home health and long term facility providers in this respect.

The eligibility to the course is for candidates, who have already qualified and hold certification for nurse assistant. The course is formulated to acquaint the nurse assistant for assisting the therapist or consultants in the specializing in physical, occupational and speech therapy.

The Restorative aide carries on the maintenance function of the center in the absence of therapist or consultant. The course is confined to introduction to restorative nursing, communication, psycho-social factors of disability besides related anatomy, physiology and pathology background present in long term patient, particular care of the conditions and the fundamental restorative procedures.

The object of restorative care nursing is for fully devoted playing the part of providing help to aged adults maintaining their optimum degree of functioning, thus helping in prevention of progression of increased disability in them.

Being a Restorative CAN:

The content of training related to functioning of a restorative aide normally requires spending two or three days with Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist and nurses helping in techniques of restoration jobs mainly in the fields of ambulation, positioning of the patient in chairs, range-of-motion exercises, doing bathing and dressing of clothes to the patients.

The characteristics present in a Restorative Nursing Aides are lot of patience, flexible in adjustment with the patients besides good communication skill and understanding.

Responsibilities of Restorative Assistant:

  • To assist and guide the patient in respect of doing active/passive range of motion exercises for improving or maintaining mobility and good degree of independence of the patient.
  • Providing the resident’s normal restorative nursing care and services according to the resident’s assessment, care plan under directions from supervisors.
  • Writing of necessary document giving details events in treatment of patient..
  • To Participate and record in the document the details of residents’ activities of daily living programs like putting on dressing, feeding and personal hygiene; maintaining restorative therapy notes in residents’ record.
  • Notifying restorative nurse coordinator or respective therapy department of any difficulty and referring for reassessment if required.
  • Do monitoring of wheelchair-bound residents for ensuring proper use, position and fitting of leg extenders and footrests;
  • Keeping check of proper placement of catheter tubing and drainage bags.
  • The Work includes restoration activities like ambulation programs, restorative feeding program.
  • To observe body alignment of all residents while in bed, chairs and wheelchairs, specifically patients using certain positioning belts and do adjustments/corrections, as felt necessary;
  • Checking and adjusting resident urinary drainage bags and catheters to ensure correct placement.
  • Give assistance in transferring and transportation of residents as required.
  • Encouraging eye-hand coordination activity by assistance to residents while participating, in restorative feeding program.
  • Restorative Nursing Aide:
  • Restorative nursing aide is expected to have following desired knowledge, ability and Skills:
  • Knowing how to safely transfer and lift the patient. Body flexibility to carry on frequent kneeling, stooping, and remain standing for long periods is part of the job requirement.
  • Basic knowledge of materials and equipments used in physical therapy.
  • Restorative aides are in fact nursing assistants having achieved special training.

Restorative nursing is very interesting area of nursing, which is very vital. It gives the lot of satisfaction to the patient’s quality of life. It offers great independence in working to the RA due to which there is opportunity of developing critical thinking.

Restorative Nursing Aides average Annual income is around $22,000.00

Most of Restorative Nursing Aide gets his training while on the job. There is also a possibility of getting restorative aide certificate by undergoing 5 weeks cna training.

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