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CNA Salary

With the over all increase in the demand of CNA’s through out US, the CNA salary correspondingly are registering increasing trend. Incidentally CNA career is growing at very fast pace globally and the availability of the CNA’s is just partially satisfying the need of health care facilities. A person entering CNA career has many benefits besides appreciable amount of salary package.

Majority of the CNA’s are capable of earning within the range of $20,000 to $30,000 per annum. In exceptional cases one is earning $35,000 annually. The difference is the salary structure is based on one’s experience in the field and location of the work place, out of which experience has more weight-age. CNA’s who have more experience definitely they during their tenure have learned as good as a Registered Nurse. They only difference being that they do not possess medical training. The employers do consider a CNA’s experience, while deciding what to pay?  The CNA’s are working at various healthcare facilities like nursing homes, hospitals, doctor’s offices, companies undertaking home care services and hospice care agencies.

Every industry expects from their staff different job performance and has different pay structures for each category.

CNA Education, Experience Influencing Higher Take Home Salary:

A CNA is required to achieve certification by getting training of CNA program having reputed accreditation at offering class room learning facility or online service of nursing class. The duration of the training varies between 6 weeks to twelve weeks. The long duration courses are evidently rich content oriented.

All most all the CNA’s are required to study Physiology, Balanced Nutrition and Introduction to Anatomy besides Infection control measures, Patient caring and practical aspects Clinical Science, which are complementary to class room teaching. The online CNA training program service adds convenience in achieving all this without going to a class room set up.

Bureau of Labor Statistics is an authentic source to exactly know the salary of a CNA, with details of education and experience with reference to different location.

Job Profile & CNA Salary Relation:

The Job profile of a CNA relates to supporting primary health care service to patients which is carried out under the guidance of registered nurse.  To be more specific CNA job profile requires performance of activities like bathing, feeding, dressing, moving about with the patient and even grooming and besides changing of bed sheets of patients.

The Pay Structure of Certified Nurse Assistant has a relation to the job designation, like Orderlies, Attendants and Nursing Aides.

The general Salary paying guideline of CNA is different for each state. Their wages are worked out on hourly basis, which can mean that a CNA is awarded higher hourly rate in urban areas in comparison to rural areas. Similarly some states pay more hourly rate, which is less in other states.

Besides these salary guidelines factor of experience is considered while fixing the salary of a CNA. Considering all these factors a CNA earns salary within range of $8 to $14 per hour. The nursing Homes depending upon their policy give some additional benefits to attract good CNA’s working for them.

Following Table gives prevailing CNA hourly rates in some selected states showing variations:

S. No.  Name of State    Hourly Rate in US $

1.         Pennsylvania          11.64

2,         California               11.58

3.         Florida                    10.75

4.         Texas                        9.84

5.         Illinois                    10.45

6.         North Carolina         9.73

7.         Georgia                    9.22

Factors Responsible for Increase salary for a CNA:

So as to achieve CNA certification, one is required to go through the training and passing of CNA Certification examination. Thus one is in a position to join a CNA job very conveniently at a healthcare facility and his salary is higher than a non certified nursing assistant. This was the first step in increasing salary.

The second step relates to work hard and gain more proficiency at the job, which the employer can observe and it becomes easy to affect increase in salary by fast gaining experience and involving in continued education facilities available online and at the earliest achieve additional qualifications:

  1. Qualifying Administration Program for becoming CNA Administration.
  2. CNA Psychology and CNA Anesthesia earn more than a general CNA. Thus one can achieve additional specialty qualification to get higher CNA Salary.
  3. Basic Life Support Qualification for earning higher CNA salary.
  4. To achieve the fast progression of career become Graduate in Nursing Qualifying for becoming a Licensed Registered Nurse and achieve much higher salary and professional recognition and achievement.

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