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How to go about getting CNA Training?

Health care industries are expanding rapidly, and together there is a wide expansion of several great opportunities that are rewarding. One of the growing and most demanding careers is the certified nursing assistant which is all about care giving. There is a huge demand for the qualified CNA’s as the population of elderly people increase. As a Certified nursing assistant you will have to lend your hands to care people who cannot take a care of themselves. The care taking includes dressing, toileting, bathing and feeding patients. The main objective of a CNA is to ensure good care towards the ailing human race.

Most of the state’s primary requirement for a CNA is the quality training and the certification. There are different training programs afforded and the period of training gets extends depending on the place where you are going to enroll. Red Cross offers the most reputable certified nursing assistant training programs. The noteworthy point is, to become a CNA or to attend the training programs you do not require any previous experience and at the same time you need not be a fresh candidate out of school. The basic qualification required to enroll in CNA will be your 10th or high school diploma or GED. You will just have to make an effort of locating a good training school to start your career as a CNA. You are required to complete about 75 hours of training in class rooms. Online training programs are also available wherein you have to complete the same 75 hours training. Certified nursing assistant is the basic education to make an entry into the medical field.

One thing that you should make sure of is, before joining any training school you need to make a contact with the State Health Department who are responsible for the certification to locate the necessary details about the training school that you are going to join and the other necessities that are applicable in the state, since the set of laws or the regulations get varied from one state to other state.

Certified nursing assistant training programs conducted online are designed with the option of consulting with the experienced doctors, medical assistants, nurses, who are the faculty members from the training school. In an online training wide range of topics will be covered, they are:

  • Introduction to pharmacology.
  • Basic calculation practices.
  • The medical terminology that are currently in use.
  • Introduction to the fundamentals of nursing.
  • The advancements that are taken place in the medical field and the applications.
  • Information about the harmonizing healing trends.
  • The clinical observations.
  • The basic practices that include providing care to patients.

Long term CNA training programs require a minimal training term fee. The training programs will hold generally on site, wherein you get a good practical exposure and the training in class rooms extends only for two weeks. Advertisement facilitates you with all the required information about the training classes. Once you decide on to apply for CNA, it is a must to read the advertisement thoroughly, since some of the facilities or the hospitals necessitate that after acquiring the certification you should work for the hospital for a certain period of time.

CNA training programs or classes are taught generally by Registered Nurses. They cover a wide range of lessons during the training class which includes feeding, toileting, bathing a patient and to position the patient properly. You will have to learn about neglect and abuse, dressing a patient, body mechanisms of patients to lift and turn them. Generally the teacher teaches about how to be dignified in some of the most undignified situations. A lot of things have to be learned, and generally the class room sessions are split into text book learning for gaining theoretical knowledge and on site for practical exposure.

During the training programs you will be taught about various topics which you will perform under the guidance of Registered Nurse. The topics that will be covered are:

  • Fixing of the anti-embolic stocking.
  • Providing ambulation aid for the patients.
  • Techniques of some of the oral care.
  • How to use the Bedpan for disabled patients.
  • How to give a proper dressing for patients.
  • Few basic guidelines to feed.
  • How to make the patients rest on bed.
  • Providing the patient with the bed bath.
  • Serving water to them.
  • Helping the patients to perform the regular motion exercise without any hesitation.
  • Trimming their Nails.

Once you are done with the training, tests will be conducted by the State Health Board Administration to determine your competency. The test comprises of two branches, clinical and written. The written test covers all the basic questions taught during the class room sessions and the clinical includes executing five basic nursing duties. This has to be performed in front of the qualified Registered Nurse. As you pass both the theoretical and practical test you are now eligible for the certification from the State Health Board. At an interval of every two years you need to recertify your certification ensuring that you have been working for the past two years.

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