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Marching Forward on CNA to LPN Career Path

After achieving CNA certification and working under a LPN, makes one to think how long one shall continue in an arrangement like this?  It takes only around one year studying at a college by continuing the education. If one considers how much one shall get benefited financially by salary hike besides the respect and recognition? The salary hike is substantial giving enough reasons to complete the education required at the earliest.

The difference in salary is due to more responsibility as LPN or RN one shares now in comparison to CNA, who has limitations of working under LPN. With the increase in the recruitment of CNA’s, there is proportionate rise in the number of LPN’s required to supervise the CNA’s. One more factor responsible for the higher demand of LPN’s is the increase in the elderly population, which has retired and has become eligible to receive health care under new healthcare scheme.

In case one is working as a CNA one can continue working at the regular employment job and go for studying in the classes in the evening. The eligibility for LPN program is high school or GED backed by good personal background. The experience gained in the present job as a CNA the studying of LPN course most easy, due to knowledge of medical terminology besides practical clinical experience, while performing the CNA job. By attending the LPN training classes one gets knowledge required to be used in practice as a LPN.

Learning Clinical Experiences at School:

One shall work at the assignments in the class and achieve clinical experience through the teacher, who is already a Registered Nurse and the guidance one gets is useful, which is almost similar to one received while achieving CNA certification, the only difference is it covers very broad aspects and is most important.

At LPN classes one studies topics related to anatomy, physiology, pharmacology besides geriatric care. One also studies topics in respect of pediatrics, CPR, first aid, nutrition, psychology etc. At the time one plans to go for LPN training, one is required to find a school, where one shall study. One needs to confirm that one has the necessary eligibility to complete the course in respect of the stipulations, which vary from state to state.

After completing the LPN training one takes the test on the topics learned in the training and ensures that the test is passed to be eligible to get the license to practice.

Easy to Change Factor for Working CNA:

The change over from a CNA to LPN happens to be very smooth because already a CNA is taking care of the patients under the supervision, now the only change is that many CNA’s shall be working under supervision of the new LPN. Thus there is increase in the responsibilities with increase in the salary also. The basic principle is that one needs to display one’s compassion for ailing humanity.

To discharge the new responsibilities one needs to have high level of personal health as well as maintaining calm under heavy working responsibilities. There are frequent stresses at the work, but one has to learn to manage them in a professional manner and should not sacrifice the care, which the patients need. As a LPN one has to take prompt well thought decisions, to manage an emergency situation, which has just surfaced in the working arena.

Comparatively the CNA training is much shorter because the LPN is there on the job to guide the CNA in performance of day to day job assignments. While getting LPN training one must spend at least one year at the school learning LPN training to become perfect at the job, because on the LPN’s competence the CNA’s are dependent in helping and guiding besides supervising their activities.

Marching to LPN Career:

It is a great decision to advance one’s career from CNA to LPN by spending one year in the training to achieve mastery and perfection and enjoy the benefits and recognition. By doing so one can work at a place of one’s choice and getter better pay. Depending on the interest one can go for specialty training available on the job.

Soon the “Baby Boomer” category of persons shall find themselves retiring and it means that there shall be greater need of LPN’s in specialized fields in comparison to the past era. It is the right time to decide for moving forward to CNA to LPN.

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