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Role of CNA Training in Creating a Strong Foothold in Healthcare

CNA training both traditional classes and online training services have been designed basically serve the purpose of creating a Strong Foothold for the fast expanding Healthcare Industry to meet immediate shortage felt and to fulfill the 2016 set Target of 6 million jobs to be self sufficient.

There are a many options of getting training leading to certification of nursing assistant. There can be a free CNA training also. Many long term healthcare facilities, nursing homes and even some hospitals make available free (CNA) training for interested persons, who commit to their long term services to such a facilitator. The offer is good for persons, who wish to change their careers to (CNA).

While doing online search for (CNA) training facilities, by just typing in CNA training online, there is display of more than one million results. One can view these results and select suitable training programs available. One should ensure that the institution selected holds accreditation with a recognized university. In such an institution the course credits shall be recorded online and shall help in completion of certification or graduation qualification after passing the respective examinations. The online program should have arrangements to help one in fulfilling clinical experience in terms of number of hours.

The Option & Objective of Free (CNA) Training:

Persons interested for becoming certified nursing assistant by availing free training program are required make a search for such nursing homes and healthcare facilities in location and find out their prospective employer offering such a program, because all the facilities do not offer free CNA training. One can contact the State Board of Nursing to obtain list of approved CNA training programs. From the list collected one can short list the facilities to contact in respect of free nursing assistant training.

The free training classes for CNA Course are funded through penalties levied by OSDH on nursing homes, which are found at fault while delivering the health care services in their establishments. Nursing staff inducted by these nursing homes become beneficiaries and eligible to receive free training to become a (CNA) out of these fund scholarships. The basic principle of such free classes to introduction of improved patient care services in these Nursing Homes.

The essential part of the free CNA program is a step in the direction of upgrading the skills and knowledge to (CAN-2) level and is offered by Tulsa Community College, which also has made available still higher training to nursing assistants leading to CNA 3 level, which is not free. It is the right career enhancement option to the working (CNA).

Training Essential for (CNA) Jobs:

A nurse’s aid is not in need of any training, but for becoming a Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA), employing healthcare organizations has the stipulation that their staff successfully completes competence test qualification. For getting (CNA) certificate from the state Health Authority, one has to complete minimum 75 hours of class room or online training from a recognized institute, in topics related to basics of healthcare, legal aspects of healthcare, and ethical medical practice. One needs to satisfy the state requirements by passing the respective state specified test in which (CNA) seeks registration depending on your state requirements.

Candidates with Nursing Graduate qualification through (CNA) recognized training program become eligible to achieve certification by clearing the state specified examination. The state examination tests of (CNA)’s basic theoretical knowledge and the skills acquired for helping patients in carrying out their activities of day to day living (ADLs). The online help available can be accessed to have necessary information.

The objective of CNA Home Preparation material is relevant for persons, who are at present associated with healthcare, and need to get certification for making a career in healthcare with their convenience to prepare for the examination at home. The online recognized institutes provide online the course material and guideline, which results in to successful passing of (CNA) examination of the respective state Board.

Objectives of (CNA) Education Online:

The main objective of Certified Nursing Assistant online training is for equipping the students with the skills and knowledge required for meeting the challenges with success and pass the examination of the state Boards and get their certifications. This classroom training is designed for helping (CNA)’s who require classroom clinical experience from experienced clinicians. The objective is achieved, when the student gets best information at a cost efficient price.

The (CNA) online education is also useful for persons, who are holding a lapsed (CNA) certification and are required to reappear in the (CNA) Examination of the state Health Board. One can refresh the knowledge with just little efforts.

The D’Day for Testing (CNA) Skills:

So as to test the (CNA) skills acquired during online or traditional class room trainings, the State Health Boards conduct examinations, which are scheduled for a group of candidates. There is a written test before the practical test is scheduled. It is based on theoretical knowledge one has acquired in respect of nursing topics of caring patients, patient monitoring, protocols, record maintenance and procedures of laboratory tests . There are around 100 questions to be attempted in duration of 2 hours, with multiple options given, out of which one requires to tick one the most correct appropriate answer.

A tip which may help one in respect of guessing the right choice in respect of multiple choice questions, in case one is not sure of the right answer, one can try to subtract the answers you assume are not correct. This shall help one to make possibly the right choice in most of cases, when the making choice gets narrowed down, one’s instinct works to arrive at the right answer by guess.

The written test includes question from the topics learned in online or class room teachings in respect of CNA training classes attended. Before the test is scheduled, one should just do reviewing of class materials in form of various charts, printed notes just before the commencement of certification test. One can view and attempt sample questions available online for practice and self evaluation.

Giving Care to the Needy:

In reality the job profile of a (CNA) does not have avenues of glorification it is the same daily routine running in a clock wise manner from one shift to another, a not ending of continuity of events in the hospital setting, which does not see the dawn or dusk, midnight or afternoon. The life goes on filled with emergency calls witnessing births and deaths and a struggle in between.

Some thing to be appreciated that there is lot of experiences and perfections achieved making every thing satisfactory.  The daily great jobs are carried out with a smile on the face. Togetherness is a strong force, which makes every thing smooth. Even if there is a dirty job, it is accomplished in no time wearing the cleanliness look and aroma of Hospital freshness. The dirt vanishes behind the scenes of nursing operations. The (CNA) Frontline sets a standard of excellence in it’s performance round the clock.

Reasons for Becoming a (CNA):

There are many reasons for one to become a (CNA) out of which the foremost are:

  • Plenty of jobs available and the future potential existing based on the official predictions of around 6 million jobs by the year 2016, which are non-existing in any other job sectors.
  • There are Great Choices in work environment, for growth in career, by gainfully using various options of online education, trainings.
  • A satisfying job making difference in peoples lives every day.
  • Potential of earning huge salary package ensuring a life style one wishes to achieve. The average annual salary of a (CNA) being around $30,000
  • CNA training can be accomplished in just 2 to 4 weeks period while working in a hospital or a nursing home. After just completing the training one can immediately start earning around $12 per hour.
  • CNA Training has unparalleled opportunities for persons having motivation to serve the ailing humanity with a passion and not by any other compulsions.
  • With the uncertainty of economy affecting loss of jobs or reduced earning, the health sector is the right place to consider for getting the necessary training and becoming a (CNA) and enjoy higher minimum wages offered to a (CNA).
  • Not having a College degree is not a restriction in becoming (CNA) by accomplishing the basic training and passing (CNA) Examination.
  • The present earning of a (CNA) depends on the location of posting varying from state to state and is based on the cost of living index in a particular area, the experience and proficiency one has achieved and how big is the healthcare facility where one is employed?

The Duties of a (CNA):

The duties of a (CNA) basically are concerned with responsibility of monitoring the health of the patients under the charge during the duty hours. They are working under the supervision of a registered Nurse although the (CNA)’s are basic care providers at their place of work by helping patients in managing their daily living functions in respect of bathing, taking food, changing of clothes, helping them to walk besides carrying out their professional assignments of recording vital signs and pre-defined intervals, helping newly admitted and discharged patients.  These duties are carried out round the clock in job shifts spread in day and night.

The duties of a (CNA), has a bearing on the nature of the work place, which can be a hospital, a nursing home, elderly persons care facility. Some of the (CNA)’s are posted in the homes of the patients to look after a patient as deputed by the employer.

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