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Social Aspects of Nursing Assistant Certified Psychiatric

A Nursing Assistant Certified Psychiatric abbreviated as (NACP) is providing help to physically or mentally sick persons, who may be injured, suffering a disability or having poor health condition admitted in a healthcare facility, specifically oriented towards mental health.

As a category Nursing Assistant Certified belongs to commonly used abbreviation CNA having many local names prevalent in hospital parlance like Nursing-aides. All are covered under the abbreviation CNA.

CNA Psychiatric is often called as mental health assistant or psychiatric nursing assistant is responsible for caring patients of mental impairment or emotionally suffering patients and works in coordination with a group of professionals like psychiatrist, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, and therapists. Besides carrying on their basic activities, the CNA psychiatrist socializes with the patients and is a support to them in performing educational and recreational tasks.

To be more near to the patients a CNA Psychiatric may spend some time with patients under care playing card games etc. viewing television in their company or participating in some sort of group activities. In such activities a CNA psychiatrist observes the patients and any significant physical or behavioral sign noticed is reported to the professional staff for their information and action.

What ever is the designation title held by a person CNA is responsible for providing hands-on care and carry on usual related activities under the supervision of nursing and medical staff?  More specifically the activities have great variations managing diverse requirements of a patient’s care. CNA is helps patient in the functions of eating, dressing, and bathing besides responding to patient’s call bell for help required. CNA also serves meals, prepares bed taking care of room cleanliness.

The Routine Job of a CNA:

The CNA is required to observe patient’s temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure measuring etc. In case a patient needs help to come out of bed for going to consultants for examination or have to go to the operation theatre CNA help is ever there. CNA is keeping an eye on the physical, mental and emotional state of the patients under care and notify the Registered Nurse if some thing adverse is observed. There are occasions, when CNA is required to assist Medical staff in setting up of the equipment taking care of supplies received and their proper storing.

Doing the Best in the Worst Surroundings:

Often Nursing Assistant Certified Psychiatric comes across patients who are uncooperative, having irritating behavior and violence among the patients or the staff is a common scene. The situation needs to be diffused by tactful handling by the CNA. Usually a CNA works 40 hours a week, considering the need some of the CNA’s work long hours.

The CNA should display tact in handling patients, understanding them and should be emotionally stable. He needs to be dependable and should possess desire for helping people. He should be ready for working collectively as a team with other workers if needed. One needs to have high level communication ability, and should not feel bored by repetitive and routine jobs.

A Nursing Assistant Certified spends most of time standing and running about and has tremendous work assignments on hand keeping them always on their toes. As their job is to lift the patients who are themselves immobile, while transferring to a stretcher, they get training in how to do such assignments safely, without harming themselves or the patient in the process. Some of the jobs are unpleasant tasks like removing filth of bed pans, changing bed soiled covers etc.

A CNA is likely to get minor infections, which are avoidable if the guideline procedures in this respect are carried out. Even in spite of all precautions some incidents do happen.

Minimum Eligibility for CNA Training:

Basically a High School Diploma or GED is the requirement to become a CNA followed by 75 to 100 hours CNA training at a State Approved School or an approved online CNA training service provider. This training usually ranges from few weeks to few months depending upon the number of classes one attends in a week.

Besides theoretically training the student has got, Clinical experience at a health care facility is also required. This training makes one eligible to appear at state administered theoretical and clinical tests. One passing the test the name of the CNA is recorded in the State Registry maintained by State Health Board. In few States there is requirement that CNA psychiatric should participate in a formal training program, however, most of the Nursing Assistant Certified Psychiatric are permitted to for learning these skills while on the job from experienced colleagues.

CNA Training:

CNA training is available at High Schools, Vocational and Technical Centers besides at few nursing care facilities and local community colleges. The training program focuses on the functioning of various systems of human body, besides topics of nutrition, anatomy and physiology, managing infection control and details of personal care of the patient admitted in the hospital.

Before one gets a Job as Nursing Assistant Certified, one is tested to be free from drugs and substances use and back ground check to rule out criminal history of the person.

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