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Some CNA Training Programs in New York City

The Big Apple (New York City for any of you out of towners unfamiliar with the nickname) offers a number of options for somebody seeking CNA education. Several of the boroughs have schools with programs are respected. They also have the advantage of being situated in the well known metropolis that is NYC, with all the amusements, art, and culture that makes the city famous.

The Mandl School of Allied Health

Located on Manhatten’s West Side, The Mandle school offers a 120 hour program that is a hands on preparation for the certification and exam and the field. 30 of the 120 hours are spent in externship programs working at New York City long term care facilities, 57 are spent in class attendance, and 33 are spent learning and practicing CNA skills. The school was founded in 1944, so it has some experience under its belt.

The City University of New York (CUNY) – York College.

CUNY is located in the borough of Queens and offers CNA training through it’s member school York College. The program is given by York’s Adult Continuing Education department. It consists of 130 hours of classroom, lab, and internship time, and includes instruction in all the basics of being a certified nursing assistant including basic psychiatric care and care of the mentally impaired. Trained professionals supervise the program, and York is a well known institution with over 7000 undergraduates attending each year.

Contact Info:

Address: 254 West 54th St., New York, NY 10019

Phone Number: (212) 247-3434

The City University of New York (CUNY) – Hostos Community College of New York

Located in the Bronx, Hostos offers a 130 hour program with day and evening classes. Hostos offers programs that are comprehensive and affordable – their CNA program costs just under $1000. The school has been operating since 1970. In addition to the main program the school offers a 30 hour refresher course for those who need to update skills or who haven’t passed the Certification Examination.

Contact Info:

Address: 108 Cooper Street, New York City, NY 10034

Phone Number: (212) 567-7132

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