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Top 5 certifications that can gift you the CNA dream job

The nursing job field has the demand for an increased number of qualified nursing candidates. There is certain certification course available which would help to get that dream Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA job. The certification courses for a CNA job offers appropriate training to the candidates within 4 to 12 weeks time. It gives an opportunity for hands on training as well as class room training sessions to the candidates.

Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN): This particular certification courses for a CNA job offers classes regarding techniques of cardio care. Candidates are offered training regarding the reactions of drugs to superior methods for the care of heart. It takes about a semester to complete the course. Completing a CCRN certification course gives a chance to the nurses to work in intensive care and critical care units and telemetry.

Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE): The certificate course of CDE would help in offering a dream CNA job to the nurses. With an increase in the number of diabetic patients leading to a higher rate of obesity in the future, it is a great concern in the medical society. The work of a CDE certified nurse lies in explaining diabetic people about various things related to the disease. An education is offered to the diabetic people by CDE certified nurses, about best diet for the disease. These nurses also teach adult and children about proper ways of injecting insulin and testing blood sugar.

ACRN – HIV/AIDS Certified Nurse: ACRN certification courses provide special education to the nurses regarding HIV/AIDS. Courses in immunology along with the signs of the disease are offered by it. The course also offers classes on cultural sensitivity which deals with both IV drug users and homosexual community.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA): Training courses in surgery and its different procedures are offered by CRNA. The course takes a long time of two years which includes classes and training programs for the nurses. It is after this that students are awarded a certificate for finishing the course. Though this course is lucrative but it can also land one into court cases. If any kind of mishap happens anytime in an operating room then a CRNA is held liable for it.

Oncology Certificate in Nursing (OCN): OCN is a certificate course for nurses for treating cancer patients. The course trains a student of nursing to offer chemotherapy and deal with the aftercare of radiation. This training course gives an opportunity to the nurses to work in a center for cancer treatment, local clinic or hospital.

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