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Washington State CNA Becoming Guidelines

Persons desirous of working as a CNA with their legal rights and responsibilities at Long Term Health Care facilities and Nursing Homes in the state are required to comply with following eligibility criteria:

    • Successfully participate in State Approved Training Program by attending classes completing specified number of hours training.
        • After completing the training pass the State administered written test and Clinical Experience Competence test.
            • Should produce a satisfactory Criminal Background Check.
                • Should produce a satisfactory Health and non user of prohibited drugs.

                  The Historical Background:

                  The important milestone in the history of CNA training is the related legislation passed in 1987 by the US congress to bring uniformity in the training in a particular state popularly called the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. The objectives of the act are to standardize and improve the care given at long-term care facilities.

                  The Act vested powers to the individual state’s Nursing Health Boards or equivalent authorities to approve CNA Certification training programs specific to the state needs and also establish a registry office recording and issuing certificates to successful candidates, who hold eligibility and participated in the CNA certification training programs and passed the written test and clinical experience competence test administered by the respective State Health Board so that these CNA’s are in a position to work with all their legal rights in state’s numerous long term healthcare facilities.

                  Specifically in the State of Washington, the Department of Social Health Services, to cater to the need has approved CNA training programs of training schools spread all over the State of Washington, which are complying to the provisions set up for the purpose.

                  Following are the necessary guidelines, which one has to follow to become a CNA with valid certification to work in the Hospitals and healthcare facilities situated in the State of Washington:

                  Petitioning DSHS for waiving of above requirements:

                  The State of Washington recognizes CNA License holders with accredited degree in a nursing program, obtained from other states of US and has a provision in place for such candidates to file a petition before DSHS, requesting the waiving off state’s training program participation requirement so as to enable them to work in the state of Washington. In exceptionally deserving cases such an exemption is granted by a discretionary action by DSHS.

                  Washington CNA Program Stipulations:

                  The training program offered by a Training School, may be different based on the school curriculum designed for CNA training by the University to which the school is accredited and faculty members comprised of highly experienced registered nurses, medical Assistants and Health administrators looking after nursing training programs. In principle all the CNA training programs comply with minimum training requirements which hold good for the state of Washington. The details are given below:

                  •Minimum 85 hours of complete training

                  •Traditional classroom learning environment.

                  •Arrangement for clinical experience in a live hospital environment.

                  Students registered in a CNA training program approved by the State of Washington have the facility for learning all the major primary health care and nursing practical job work learning in the traditional classroom environment conducting specialized course designed to impart training under following heads of health care:

                  •Basics of nursing philosophy and practices.

                  •Basics of correcting the disease disabilities.

                  •Infection control Measures

                  •Working by observing Patients’ rights and CNA duties.

                  •Proper emergency care.

                  •Efficient Interaction and communication among colleagues and patient.

                  Besides the class room learning, students are required to achieve apprentice ship training under the supervision at functionally long-term healthcare facility or nursing home for getting an occasion for practicing the skills learned in traditional classroom training school.

                  Washington State approved Training Programs:

                  Washington state complying CNA certification programs are available throughout the state with the States Community Colleges, Adult Learning Institutions, high schools, and long-term care facilities.

                  Washington CNA Certification & Job Availability:

                  The candidates who have successfully completed Washington State complying with CNA training program, and have also passed the state administered Nursing Competency examination, find themselves eligible for getting their name entered in Washington’s CNA register and grant of a CNA Certificate enabling them to work with their legal rights at a long term healthcare facility in the capacity of a nurse aide. The candidates after certification work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse till themselves become a Registered Nurse by continued education and passing CNA to BSN Degree.

                  As with all other states Washington state also has aging population requiring health care and after getting certification, there are fair chances of getting a job and grow in the Profession to a Registered Nurse and onwards following the continued education facility and passing the required examinations in due course of time.

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