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What to do when you become Certified Nursing Assistant?

As a CNA you will have to provide the direct care to the ailing human race both in medical and non-medical field. Generally CNA’s are supervised by the Registered Nurses (RN) and most often you will assist the LPN nurses in the hospitals. The basic job description of a CNA includes:

  • Providing help to patients to enter or leave the beds.
  • Captivating vital signs.
  • Aid patients walking.
  • Make beds.
  • Answer the call lights.
  • Deliver the messages.
  • Collecting patient’s samples for the testing.
  • Monitoring the patient’s activities and reporting the changes.
  • Providing the patient a hygiene environment.
  • Feeding the patients.
  • Taking good care of patient’s food, liquid and motion exercises.

You need to work under a multiplicity of settings that includes hospitals, long term giving care facilities, outpatient facilities, in clinics and also in home care. You will always be allotted with patient’s duties which are mentioned as undesirable to the hospital staffs.

Certified nursing assistants are famous for the name “Eyes and Ears” of nursing staff. You have keep informing about the patient’s timely report to your Registered Nurse. Most of the times you get an opportunity to forge an eternal bond with patients, as you get a chance to spend a lot of time with them.

Duties of a Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Providing personal hygiene: You need to take care of the patient’s oral and personal hygiene that includes dressing, bathing, shaving trimming their nails, etc.
  • Housekeeping: Some times you have to take care of the housekeeping which also comes under the duty of CNA. You have to help to change the bed linen, tidy up rooms, etc.
  • Toileting Needs: You need to take good care of patient’s toileting needs. Bedpans should be given to the patient’s who are bed-ridden. As a part of duty at regular intervals you will have to empty the bedpans and catheter bags.
  • Supervising the Patients Health: You need to make a note of all the changes regarding the patient’s health and have to inform to the nurse who is on duty. In most of the hospitals or the nursing homes a CNA has to maintain a record about patient’s health condition.
  • Maintaining Patients Record: A medical report that includes patient’s blood pressure, body temperature, weight, pulse rate, level of body pain has to be maintained regularly. A CNA should also take notes of the treatments that are rendered to the patient.
  • Administering Medicines: Maintaining or administrating a proper record of medicines happens to be one of the most important responsibility or duty of CNA.
  • Dietary Care: A CNA have to aid the patient while feeding and walking. As per the doctors or dieticians prescription a CNA will also have to help in setting up a meal tray for the patients. It the CNA’s responsibility to feed the nutritional supplements to the patients either in the form food or fluids.
  • Assist during Surgery: As a part of duty, you will have to assist the nurses to prepare the patient before and after surgery.
  • Keep the patients away from Bed Sores: To prevent the bed sores for some of the patients who are bed-ridden; you will be instructed to turn and reposition the patients.
  • Exercising patients: As per the doctor’s instruction, a CNA should aid the patient to exercise at the regular intervals of time.
  • Equipment Care: The most important duty of a CNA is to sterilize and keep the equipments clean after every use. Maintaining the nursing stations clean is also a duty of CNA.
  • Collecting Samples: Collecting the samples such as urine, sputum and stool to test in laboratories is usually done by a CNA.
  • Transport Patients: It is the duty of a CNA to transport the patients from the medical wards to the operation theaters for surgeries, for therapy sessions or to the laboratories as instructed.
  • Change Dressing: As a part of duty it is necessary for a CNA to change the non-sterile dressing of the patients.
  • Laundry Storage: You will even have to store the laundries in right places.
  • Assist in Equipment Usage: Helping the patients with the usage of equipments such as breathing apparatus etc is a duty of CNA.
  • Emotional Support: Care giving is one of the most important parts of a CNA’s life. Providing emotional care to the patient generates an endless bond and it builds confidence in them.
  • Regulate Visitors: It is again a CNA’s responsibility to regulate the count of visitors who are visiting the patients every day.
  • Maintaining Cleanliness: It is a CNA’s duty to maintain sanitation to avoid the spread of any infection.

As a certified nursing assistant you will get an opportunity to take care of small children, handicapped patients, disabled people and elderly people as well. You need a sturdy will, a passion towards your work and an immense interest to become a Certified Nursing Assistant as this job is all about taking care of the poorly humans.

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