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3 School Therapy Careers for Certified Nursing Assistants

A hospital is not the only place for a nursing assistant to find a satisfying career. Look at the following career options if you want to step into a new field with your degree:

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist works with students who are recovering from an injury or adjusting to a different condition. One of the many aspects of school therapy careers is helping students make goals for increased functionality and teaching students to use learning aids or physical aids.

While you can go back to school to become a physical therapist, you can also consider becoming an assistant. A physical therapist assistant will administer tests, help students create goals, and consult with guardians and teachers about a student.

Attention to detail is a must with this position, as you will be in charge of properly filing paperwork for patients. Dealing with Medicaid and other organizations is another typical part of this job.

Most importantly, you should have good people skills and a love of children. As a physical therapy assistant, you have a vital role in working with students and helping their parents or guardians understand how to help their child.

Educational Psychology

Both careers as a certified nursing assistant and a school psychologist cater to a caring nature and patience. Certified nursing assistants’ main concerns are their patient’s comfort, keeping an orderly work space, and maintaining organization with paperwork and filing. Similarly, a school psychologist must be in tune with how students are feeling, and may need to provide grief counseling or therapy for other issues.

The work available for a school psychologist is also broader in the field of education, as it requires professionals to deal not only with individuals but also with groups. School psychologists help teachers better understand how they can aid students with different learning or emotional disabilities to succeed in the classroom.

This specialist knowledge requires a good deal of higher education, but the position offers the reward of knowing how to help students individually and in the classroom.

Special Education Teachers 

A career as a special education teacher or teacher’s aide is one of many good school therapy careers for a certified nurse assistant because both careers require patience, understanding, and the ability to work in difficult circumstances.

Many children in need of special education have mild disabilities which need mild changes in the curriculum and extra one-on-one time to aid the student’s learning. However, some children may have more severe disabilities including cognitive and emotional disabilities, hearing or orthopedic impairments, traumatic brain injury, autism, or multiple disabilities.

Because of the broad range of students a special education teacher may deal with, a certified nursing assistant’s ability to handle multiple cases and stressful environments makes this a good career step.

Many aspects of  a certified nursing assistant career make it an excellent step for a position in education. Discover a career you can enjoy with school therapy careers!

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