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5 Interview Tips for New Nursing Assistants

When you’re a nursing assistant, you may feel like you have a guaranteed job waiting for you. While this might be the case from a contractual point of view, nothing is ever really guaranteed in this world. You may still need to interview, and being more prepared than necessary is always a good way to err. The following are five great tips for making the most of your interview.

Prepare to Ask Questions

If you care about being a nursing aid there, you’d better want to know as much as you can about the place you’ll be working. You should also be very curious about your future area, the people you’ll be working with and what will be expected of you.

Be Ready to Explain Your Resume

At any point the interviewer will likely ask you to clarify some point about your resume. Be prepared to explain anything and everything there if need be. This shows self-knowledge, which is important. You should also always be able to state how you contributed to any project you’ve worked on, even if it doesn’t directly relate to being a nursing assistant.

Remember That You’re There to Help the Interviewer

The more you can help your interviewer have an easy time and make them look good, the better you’ll do. Ideally, an interviewer is looking for someone they can groom to be their replacement as they move up the ladder. It’s possible that your interviewer is a more experienced, higher ranking nurse. The easier you can make his or her job, the more likely they’ll want you around.

Show That You’re Passionate About Your Work

Being a nursing assistant is hard, dirty work. If you aren’t passionate about it, you won’t last very long. Don’t be afraid to explain why you want to help people in this hands-on fashion. Even getting a little excited about it is perfectly fine. This is a life-changing moment

Be Positive and Proactive

Show up a little early, smile genuinely, and keep a tone of voice and posture that says “I like being here.” The interviewer won’t want to hire you if you look miserable, are rude or are late (which is another way to be rude).

Being a nursing assistant isn’t easy. But getting a nursing aid job doesn’t have to be so hard. Follow these steps, and you’ll have a much better time getting the job.

About the Author: Nada Villarrvel is a professional writer who used to work in the nursing industry. She understands how important is is to make a good first impression. She currently writes about personal finance, reviewed the process of getting a cash loan provided by Plain Green Loans, and creates budgeting tips for newlyweds.

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