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Career Growth Opportunities for Certified Nursing Assistants

For many people who work as a certified nursing assistant, it is a respectable career that provides a good salary and personal rewards that come from helping people in need. In the currently troubled economy, certified nursing assistants enjoy stable employment due to the essential nature of their medical contributions.

Certified nursing assistant’s serve as aids to registered nurses and can work in many capacities in various medical settings from hospitals to doctor’s offices, clinics and similar environments. For many years there has been significant demand for certified nursing assistant’s – and nurses for that matter – as the nation’s population ages and ailments and injuries become more common.

While the demand for certified nursing assistants shows no sign of abating, some practitioners will desire career mobility and upward advancement. Not only is the certified nursing assistant career a good one, it provides ample opportunity to jump into other related professions that are equally beneficial career fields.

To help those people who may be considering a career change from certified nursing assistant, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best related job areas where a transition could be made.

Here are the top 5 job fields that a certified nursing assistant could fill with moderate levels of additional training or academic experience:

Registered Nurse: This one is obvious. You’ve already completed much of the training and academic requirements and worked in a medical setting which should have established your tolerance for the work load. By completing a bachelor’s degree and related certification processes, a certified nursing assistant can easily become a full-fledged nurse.

Business Manager: Doctor’s offices in particular, but also clinics and other medical settings, are businesses that require knowledgeable workers for proper implementation. Securing a business management degree can open endless opportunities for a certified nursing assistant once they pass the GMAT entrance exam to begin a program. Applicants who have trouble in this area will want to consider additional academic assistance from a program such as the Veritas Prep GMAT prep course.

Addiction Counselor: This profession may have varying certification requirements depending on the nature of the work and how it is applied. In general, addiction counselors work in rehabilitation centers that may be out-patient or residential in nature. There are a number of specialties in this field that can be explored.

Communications: Often times, hospitals, doctor’s offices and other facilities use specific employees who are tasked with answering media inquiries and serving as spokespersons for the organization. This work can be very lucrative depending on the agency.

Consultant: Many organizations from professional organizations serving doctors and other professionals to government lobbying organizations rely on the field expertise of consultants who are knowledgeable of the various challenges and opportunities available. There are endless opportunities for growth in this every evolving field.

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