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Job Security is Better for Certified Nursing Assistants and Pharmacists

After President Nixon unilaterally de-linked the dollar from the gold standard and went to China for trade talks, the American job market became very vulnerable.

Millions of high paying factory jobs were lost in America, and these jobs and factories were shipped to China to build the Chinese and Asian economies.

This process of massive job losses has continued to this day but there are some areas in the service sector where the jobs cannot be shipped to Third-World.

Certified Nursing Assistants and Pharmacists are in this uniquely positive position.  Unlike factory workers who can be shown pink slips at any time and ruthlessly fired, Certified Nursing Assistants and Pharmacists are physically involved with the patients during the entire period at work and therefore they cannot be replaced with off shore call center agents and factory workers in Asia.

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High School graduates and college students should consider giving these two professions a second look if they intend to succeed during this long recession and hope to keep their jobs in the long run.

RPH On the go provides a wide array of available job opportunities across the continental United States for Pharmacists.

Certified Nursing Assistants also have the unique advantage in that they form lasting relationships through daily interactions with their patients.  Once they have formed a meaningful bond with their clients or patients, the patient is likely to prefer and retain the services of the attending nusing assistant.

Certified Nursing Assistants also have the advantage of getting recommendations through word of mouth, from satisfied previous clients to other prospective clients or facilities.

Whether it is a school where students need special physical assistance, a hospital with high pressure work environment, or a laid back assisted living facility, Certified Nursing Assistants are confident that the chief determinants of their job security will be their skills, personality and involvement at a very personal level with their patients.

This personal involvement cannot be shipped to other places in the world.  This gives Certified Nursing Assistants certain privileges to choose where they want to work and negotiate a better salary if they have good references and strong skill sets.

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With rapidly aging populations in the United States and Canada, the demand for Certified Nursing Assistants is going to see a massive explosion in the coming years.

A huge wave of baby boomer generation started retiring in 2009 and this expansion of retirees is going to bring big jobs for Nursing Assistants who want to pursue lucrative careers in this healthcare sub-sector.

In States like Florida and California, as well as aging regions like New-England and rural Mid-West, large percentages of retirees gives Certified Nursing Assistants a brighter, more financially stable future.

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