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Preparing for Your First CNA Job Interview

So you made it through your certified nursing assistant (CNA) training, and you even passed your certification examination in order to officially become a CNA Congratulations You have made it through some of the most difficult parts of becoming a CNA. Now you just have to find a job, right? If your interview jitters are as bad as your pre-examination jitters were, then you can offset that job seeker anxiety by taking measures to ensure you are fully prepared to sit for a line of job interview questions. What can you do to set your mind at ease and increase your confidence before the big day arrives? Here are some tips for preparing for your first CNA job interview:

The standard interview questions. Familiarize yourself with typical CNA interview questions so that you don’t get tongue-tied during the interview session. Common certified nursing assistant interview questions include: Why do you want to be a CNA? What do you like about working with patients? What strengths do you have that make you a good fit for a certified nursing assistant position? And don’t forget the ever important stumper, “Tell me about yourself.” It doesn’t matter if you’re into investing on http://www.ufxmarkets.com or training dogs on the side – be honest and let the interviewer get to know more about you.

Prepare your answers. Once you know what you can expect to be asked during your interview, you can prepare answers that present your CNA skills in the best light. Keep your answers focused, concise, and centered on the job responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant. To make your answer preparation easier, create an outline of all of your qualifications: your CNA education, your credentials (certification), your hands-on training hours and any work experience you might have.

Practice makes perfect. Have a friend ask you interview questions in a mock interview session. Don’t memorize your answers and rehearse them word for word; rather, make it a point to get comfortable enough with your qualifications so that you can readily call them to mind and articulate them when you are prompted with a question.

Standard interview prep. No matter what type of position you interview for, it is advisable to always follow a certain preparation protocol to ensure your best chances at acing the interview. Make sure you begin preparing well in advance of the interview so that your answers come like second nature on the big day, get plenty of rest the night before the interview, and eat a healthy meal the morning of the interview. It also helps to set aside some personal time before the interview so that you can quiet your mind and mentally prepare.

Your first CNA job interview does not have to be a scary prospect, if you are properly prepared. Follow these simple suggestions so you can ace the interview and land the job you worked so hard for.

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