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The Pros and Cons of Working in a Nursing Home

Working in a nursing home can be a stressful place where it seems like the rewards are small and the pain is high. While a lot of people who live in nursing homes would rather not be there, you do get the opportunity to make their stays there more enjoyable. There are good points and bad points to everything in this world. The following are a few of each.

The Job Can Seem Sad

Nursing homes tend to be sad places to work, if you think about it. Many of the people there are simply waiting to die, and many have lost their entire families. If you’re a person who sympathizes a lot, you may find yourself emotionally drained by working there.

You Can Help Many

While people there are often sad and frustrated about their lives, you can help them a lot. If nothing else, you can show them that some young people are happy to help them.

You Learn to Appreciate Life

There is nothing like spending time with people whose lives are near the end to give you an appreciation for how much life you have left. Having your health and lots of time to use it is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Dealing with Death is Tough

It’s unfortunate, but people in nursing homes are not usually long for this world. You can’t save most of them, because it’s just their time to go. If you tend to mourn a lot when someone passes, you might not be able to handle working in a nursing home.

The Atmosphere Isn’t Always Pleasant

Due to unfortunately low staffing and budget problems, many nursing homes are not the most sweet-smelling places to work. However, it’s really no worse than changing a diaper. In time, you tend to get used to most anything, and you don’t even notice an off smell. Of course, you can also make a difference by keeping your area especially well-maintained.

Nursing Work is Thankless

Some people in nursing homes are so miserable that they’ve stopped appreciating anything. Some others are simply not there anymore. In those cases, you can’t reach them with any amount of caring and kindness. If you get saddened by thankless work, you may not be able to stand this type of work over the long term.

While working in a nursing home can be tragically sad, it can also be a great place to go every day. It ultimately comes down to how you look at the situation.

Buford Nessner was a nursing assistant in a home for 7 years before leaving the industry to write full-time. He enjoys working with different types of people and now writes about personal loans, technology, and new electronic leasing sites like www.presta.com.

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