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Tips for Creating an Awesome CNA Resume

Are you preparing for a new career as a certified nursing assistant? Perhaps you are already in the medical field and are simply looking for a position with a different doctor’s office, hospital, or medical setting. Either way, you’re going to need to present an awesome resume to the person interviewing you. Here are 5 things you should keep in mind as you create your resume for your next position as a certified nursing assistant (CNA).

Be Very Specific About Your Goals

Your resume is a reflection of where you’ve been and where you’d like to go in life. Make sure you clearly list your intentions, starting with the “objective” section of your resume. Don’t use a canned, generic statement to define your purpose, either. Write a creative, 1-2 line statement that clearly identifies your desires for your work life. Want to eventually work up to a higher nursing position? Don’t feel shy about stating that fact. You’ll show your dedication to your field and that is what really counts.

List All of Your Credentials

Make sure you list all of your certifications, licenses and credentials on your resume. While it may seem silly to show that you have your CPR certification, not listing it may bring questions in the mind of your interviewer – someone who obviously needs to see you have the skill necessary to deal with patient care. Have you had any other medical experience, even working as an administrative clerk? Were you ever a volunteer EMT? List anything and everything that will show you have desirable job skills.

Be Very Specific While Listing Job Duties

If you’ve worked as a certified nursing assistant before, you’ll have plenty of job duties to list in your previous employment section – plenty of experience. Just make sure you use proper medical terminology to describe those duties. “Checking patient vital signs” is more professional than “taking temperatures.”

New nursing assistants won’t necessarily have real “job” experience and duties to list, but you will have completed a little bit of time in a clinical practice setting. If that’s the case, clearly list that you have had hands-on practice and list the details as if it were a real job.

Show Community Involvement

What else have you done that shows you are a compassionate person who cares about people? It takes someone truly special – truly empathetic – to be a nursing assistant. Do you volunteer at retirement homes or in a children’s hospital? Are you a current member of a volunteer emergency squad? List anything that will show you are truly invested in the field of human care.

Your resume needs to stand out from the crowd. Keep it simple but make it bold and brilliant at the same time. What you write will mean the difference between landing an interview or finding your hard work in the recruiter’s trash can.

Debo Detai has been writing on topics of healthcare, business, finance staffing agencies and other recruitment topics for past 12 months, she loves to do research in area of staffing and business staffing agencies.

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